Sam's Long Random List of Unix Notes

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Unix is one ugly duckling. It's also awesome. I don't care what anyone says, maybe it isn't for everyone, but it's hard not to admire something about it. I've used Unicies of various kinds and I love 'em all. Trouble is my memory's spotty as hell. So when I come across something in the Unix world I just love, I try and jot it down here. I also jot down other notes and craziness regarding things less Unix centric, such as Python notes or Firefox notes.

Organization's not my strong point. Good luck readin' this. I hope you find it useful.


I use GNU emacs where I can get away with it (It's damn hard sometimes, it often won't come on small boot-able Linux systems of which I surprisingly find myself in from time to time, in which case it's often Nano or *GASP* a vi-flavor-of-the-month). My problem is I often forget the emacs-lisp incantations I like to keep in my .emacs file, so here's my safe, simple, emacs file in case I need it, as well as my Elisp libraries I use, and here's a list of common emacs lisp settings and lore I can't live without and can't often remember :-D. I often find I need to spend time tweaking gnu emacs when I load it up for the first time on a system, so I've set this place up as my cheat sheet, and emacs resource page.

I can't emphasis enough how useful the Emacs Wiki is to us Emacs users. It's invaluable and a far cry better than these loose notes.


Sed, Awk, tr

I don't normally touch these tools, but here's a few invaluble one-liners that have gotten me out of more than a few jams.








Get Firefox! Valid HTML 4.01! GNU EMACS